19. March 2010
Next Release Online.
The next beta-version of XArch has been made available to the public on the Download pages. See the Documentation for further information on how to run XArch locally on your machine.
 O V E R V I E W

XArch is an archive management system that allows one to create, populate, and query archives of multiple database versions. XArch is based on a nested merge approach that efficiently stores multiple database versions in a compact archive. The system allows one to create new archives, to merge new versions of data into existing archives, and execute both snapshot and temporal queries using a declarative query language.

XArch has an extensible IO layer and is currently capable of archiving data in XML format as well as relational databases. Please refer to the Web pages for more documentation and examples on how to archive data in either of these formats. Internally, archives are stored and output in XML format.

XArch has been implemented at the University of Edinburgh Database Group and is available for free download. For further information about how to install and use XArch please refer to the Documentation page.

For further information about the structure of XArch, algorithm for merging multiple document versions into a single archive, for links to the relevant scientific publications, and a discussion of open research problems please refer to the Research page.

If you have any further questions or comments regarding XArch please contact Heiko Müller.

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